The work of Mahabba has repeatedly been described as frontline ministry. Mahabba invests time and resources into the lives of Christians so that they in turn can invest their lives into those of their Muslim neighbours. Learning what it means to be the people of God in our diverse, multicultural society is perhaps one of most urgent and critical lessons for the church today.

Mahabba is officially part of Gave Veste, a non profit organisation. Both ministries are entirely dependant upon gifts to carry on their important work. Your gift could pay for the following:

  • 25 euros will cover the cost for publicity at a Mahabba launch event
  • 50 euros will cover the cost of a training event
  • 100 euros will cover the cost of maintaining this website for a year

If you would like to make a gift towards the work of Mahabba you can do so through the following account:

BE46 7350 4903 8336

Or via PayPal: