Gave Veste/Mahabba respects your personal data in accordance with national and European laws governing privacy. For further information please read below.

How does Gave Veste/Mahabba collect personal data?

          Gave Veste/Mahabba will only retain personal data that you have freely given, or which third parties (churches) have shared with us in the context of, for example, setting up a buddy-programme

What sort of personal data does Gave Veste/Mahabba retain?

          Gave Veste/Mahabba will only retain the sort of personal data that is necessary to fulfil those services which you have requested. For example, an email address to receive our newsletters by email.

When and why does Gave Veste/Mahabba collect your personal data?

          Gave Veste/Mahabba only collects your data under specific circumstances:

o   When your permission has been given

o   When certain data is required in order to fulfil a particular service you have requested (see above example)

o   When we are required by law to collect specific data, e.g. the national identity number is required to obtain insurance for voluntary work

What does Gave Veste/Mahabba do with your personal data?

          Personal data of minors and certain confidential information, such as bank details, are always kept confidential and never made public.

          Your personal data is only ever used in accordance with the purposes for which permission has been given.

          We never pass on personal details to third parties for commercial purposes.

How long does Gave Veste / Mahabba keep your personal data?

          Your personal data is kept for the time that is required to fulfil the requested service. Your data is erased from our systems after that time is complete, or whenever you request to have all your personal data removed.

Does Gave Veste / Mahabba store my personal data securely?

          Your personal data is kept secure. We use a range of security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use, loss or unintended publication. These measure include the use of complex passwords on the documents themselves as well as the devices on which they are stored.

What are my rights with regards to my personal data?

          If you wish to edit your personal information you can do so by emailing

          You have the right to have your data erased. You can do so by emailing

          You can ask to see or edit your personal data, which is kept by Gave Veste / Mahabba, at any given time.

          Should you wish to make a complaint about the way your personal data is handled, you can do so by contacting the Privacy Commission.