The Mahabba Network Common Commitment

Mahabba is a network built on prayer and relationships, which is growing in different ways, and in different locations.

Mahabba is very flexible, but if a local prayer group wishes to regard itself as part of the overall Mahabba Network, or use the Mahabba name, it must, enthusiastically and with integrity, share the vision and values that make up the basic DNA of the Mahabba Network.


Vision of Mahabba


Mahabba’s vision is to:

“To see everyday Christians engaged with everyday Muslims under the leadership and initiative of local churches”

This is the vision that every Mahabba initiative adopts and towards which it is proactively working.

Values of Mahabba


  • Championed by church leaders in unity

We believe that church leaders are the best people to motivate their congregations to reach Muslims; they don’t need to be experts on Islam themselves.

Every Mahabba group involves church leaders as much as possible in the leadership, promotion and accountability of a local Mahabba group.

  • Persistent prayer

Mahabba was birthed in prayer, so we see passionate prayer as the fuel for the continued development of this vision.

Every Mahabba group meets regularly for prayer.

  • Love for Muslim people

The word ‘Mahabba’ means ‘love’ in Arabic and we advocate living out a life of love and graciousness towards Muslims. Our greatest gift of love is Jesus himself.

Every Mahabba group adopts the ‘Ethical Guidelines for Christian & Muslim Witness in Britain’ as one of the ways to demonstrate love, respect & graciousness towards Muslims.

  • Mobilising everyday Christians

We dream of multitudes of Christians in Britain having the confidence and skill to reach out to Muslim people, not just leaving it to the ‘specialists’.

Every Mahabba group equips ordinary Christians, with specialists and agency personnel taking a back seat as mobilisers, trainers and facilitators.

  • Growing believers

We aim to mentor new believers from all backgrounds, discipling them to become catalysts who share their faith and multiply within dynamic local fellowships.

Mahabba groups take mentoring new believers very seriously, as they seek to disciple them and build growing local fellowships.


Commitments of Mahabba


Being in the Mahabba Network involves:

  • Keeping in touch, cooperating with & providing information as appropriate to Mahabba nationally
  • Being proactive in taking opportunities to share with, learn from, encourage and meet face to face those involved in other Mahabba groups
  • Support, as opportunity arises, the financial needs of the Mahabba Network overall

This document is taken from the Mahabba UK website. Mahabba Belgium shares the same vision and values as Mahabba UK.